BioBam Renews KEGG Pathway Licensing for OmicsBox

VALENCIA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#biobam–BioBam, a leading bioinformatics software company, announces the renewal of its KEGG license through a Business Provider Agreement with Pathway Solutions Inc., the exclusive worldwide licensing agent for KEGG resources. The KEGG Pathways, a widely-used collection of manually drawn pathway maps, represents the current understanding of cellular processes, metabolism, and molecular interactions. This agreement enables BioBam to provide KEGG data through its unique pathway analysis features to academic and commercial customers worldwide, facilitating a deeper understanding of biological processes.

The Combined Pathway Analysis, a feature of the OmicsBox software, allows for the identification and combination of gene annotation and expression data directly on enriched pathways for any model or non-model organism dataset. Rich visualizations allow the highlighting of elements of significantly altered pathways with expression patterns. The tool enables insightful data interpretation by placing experimental results within the context of biological systems.

Stefan Götz, CEO of BioBam, said: “KEGG Pathways are highly regarded within the scientific community. The ability to query data directly onto KEGG, Reactome, or Gramene Pathways is a significant advantage, enabling us to quickly validate or discover key regulators. Furthermore, generating pathway annotations on the fly and performing the corresponding ID mappings resolves a major pain point and makes these analyses accessible to a much broader group of researchers.”

BioBam is dedicated to empowering researchers with cutting-edge tools and functionalities to effectively analyze and interpret complex omics data. The renewal of our KEGG licensing is a significant step toward this mission. It enables scientific and commercial organizations that rely on BioBam’s solutions to make substantial advancements in their research and contribute to the broader scientific community.

About OmicsBox:

OmicsBox is a leading bioinformatics solution that offers end-to-end data analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, and metagenomes. The user-friendly software is used by top research institutions worldwide to process complex data sets efficiently. It includes powerful tools for extracting biological insights and offers tailored modules for de-novo genome assemblies, genetic variation analysis, differential expression analysis, and the classification of microbiome data. OmicsBox’s functional analysis module, which includes the popular Blast2GO annotation methodology, makes it particularly suited for non-model organism research. Rich visualizations and the functional interpretations of results enable researchers to gain insights into complex biological systems. With over 15,000 scientific research citations, OmicsBox has been widely adopted by researchers worldwide, demonstrating its effectiveness in enabling high-quality research. OmicsBox works out of the box on any standard PC or laptop with Windows, Linux, or Mac.

About BioBam:

BioBam is a leading bioinformatics company that provides innovative software solutions to accelerate genomics research. The company is dedicated to developing user-friendly and powerful bioinformatics tools that simplify data analysis for researchers, empowering them to focus on data interpretation and explore new insights. BioBam aims to close the technology gap between state-of-the-art bioinformatics and applied genomics research by transforming complex data analysis into intuitive and interactive tasks that facilitate scientific advancement.

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Stefan Götz, CEO

BioBam Bioinformatics S.L.

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