Breaking New Research – Consumers Expect to Be Empowered with Digital-First Solutions for Device-Related Processes

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MCE Systems Ltd. (MCE), the global leader in digital mobile Device Lifecycle Management (dDLM), shares new research insights along with industry experts in its upcoming webinar, “Consumers are ready for true digital-first device lifecycle management – are you?” The webinar on February 21, 2023 at 11:00am ET, will provide new insights into the billion-dollar device lifecycle management opportunity for M(V)NOs.

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MCE began market research last year with 15,000 trade-in customers across 6 countries, which resulted in the MCE trade-in report. This initial report was picked up and published by more than 30 outlets. In 2023, MCE extended the survey by another 10,000 customers across 5 more device-related journeys and two countries (US, UK) with 5,000 more customers to come. Its focus was to understand customer views as to what is in the way of digital-first DLM:

  1. Lack of remote intelligence for customers (and the frontline) to solve a request on their own.
  2. Lack of channel consistency and connectivity.
  3. Lack of history awareness across channels, so customer have to repeat steps.

The research reveals actionable insights into the emerging opportunity of digital-first device lifecycle management (DLM), including:

  • Trade-in is the new battleground to attract switchers, though, positive NPS is driven by higher prices due to strong promotional incentives.
  • Consumers demand digital-first support solutions for their device-related needs.
  • Consumers trust MNOs and believe they are best-placed to deliver digital-first device support.
  • The opportunity is not just in trade-in. It also covers data wipe, content transfer, aftercare, and repairs.
  • In conclusion, dDLM helps realize boosts in NPS and ARPU.

“We are excited to share this second wave of research with the industry and demonstrate how dDLM can improve NPS, unlock new margin opportunities, and become a game-changer for M(V)NOs,” said Robert Hackl, Global President of MCE Systems.

The “Consumers are ready for true digital-first device lifecycle management – are you?” webinar will be held online, Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 11:00am ET. Register in advance to save time on the day.

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