BullseyeEngagement Welcomes Marketing Expert Betty Gower to Advisory Board

Ms. Gower’s strong background in branding and marketing will bolster company visibility and growth

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BullseyeEngagement LLC, leading provider of cloud-based human capital management software solutions, today proudly announces the appointment of Betty Gower to its esteemed Advisory Board. With a distinguished career marked by successful leadership and expertise in marketing for both B2C and B2B companies, Ms. Gower brings a wealth of experience and strategic vision to BullseyeEngagement.

Ms. Gower, currently serving as the CMO for Xapa.com and CEO of the marketing and strategy company The Market Ninja, is recognized for her exceptional focus on strategy, agile execution, and business development return on investment (ROI). At Xapa, she spearheads a tech company that leverages dynamic digital learning tools for soft skills and personal enrichment in gamified training environments.

As the founder of Market Ninja, a boutique marketing and consulting agency, Ms. Gower empowers small to mid-size businesses with cost-effective marketing offerings ranging from focused tools to full-service strategy and implementation consulting. Her impressive portfolio includes the development of global communications and brand strategies for renowned organizations such as NxtWork, RDE LLC, Perkins Coie Privacy Law, and HealthTrackRx. Earlier in her career, Ms. Gower held leadership positions at GE, NBC Universal, and Classic Party Rentals, where she significantly contributed to the marketing success of these organizations.

Ms. Gower possesses a rich skill set that spans brand storytelling, public relations, and comprehensive marketing strategy. To BullseyeEngagement, Ms. Gower brings expertise in crafting impactful brand messaging, developing effective content marketing, and building efficient growth pipelines. She will bring insight to contemporary consumer/audience trends and strong guidance on effective approaches in the digital realm. In addition, she will advise the company regarding seamless collaboration across diverse marketing and communications initiatives.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Ms. Gower stated, “I am delighted to have joined BullseyeEngagement’s advisory board. The product offerings are a game-changer for HR leaders. I am excited to use my marketing background to help elevate the brand and make a substantial contribution to our overall growth.”

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO of BullseyeEngagement, remarked, “Betty will complement the backgrounds and array of skills provided by our other board members, and her advice will guide us to better expose Bullseye to a wider audience. Her expertise will help us position our software offerings as a viable platform for medium-sized and larger organizations, and we are excited to benefit from her obvious skills and past experiences.”

Dominique Shelton Leipzig, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Partner at Mayer Brown and Co-Founder, Co-CEO of NxtWork, expressed support and congratulations to Bullseye. “We are thrilled that one of our founding members has been appointed to the Bullseye board,” said Ms. Shelton Leipzig. “NxtWork is committed to creating a bench of leading, diverse candidates for boards, and Betty is a great example of our membership. Bullseye is lucky to have her.”

Christine Heckart, CEO of Xapa, stated, “Betty Gower is an exceptional corporate executive with outstanding business acumen, extensive experience across a range of industries, and high emotional intelligence. She will make an excellent board member for BullseyeEngagement.”

About BullseyeEngagement:

BullseyeEngagement is a leading provider of cloud-based human capital management software solutions, fostering a culture of coaching and mentoring to stimulate employee engagement. Bullseye’s platform augments existing ERP systems and specifically addresses various HR challenges including OKRs (objectives and key results), collaboration among cross-functional teams, compensation planning, employee-directed career pathing, ethics lifeline, leadership dashboards, remote workforce engagement, employee retention, and strategic workforce planning.


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