ConnexPay Launches Technology to Both Accept and Make Payments in Canada, Unifying Payments for North America

ConnexPay’s CAD Capabilities Enhances Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness for Businesses in Canada and the US

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#simplyconnectingpaymentsConnexPay, an all-in-one payments platform, today announced the addition of acquiring in Canadian Dollars (CAD) to its existing virtual card issuing offering. This expansion allows ConnexPay customers to process payments seamlessly in CAD.

This expansion also opens up ConnexPay’s services to a vast market, serving 38.25 million people and 1.21 million businesses. Notably, the US trades $718.4 billion in goods and services with Canada annually, but transactions between the two countries often experience delays and additional fees. ConnexPay’s solution lowers risk, providing faster and more cost-effective methods for businesses with stringent accounting requirements.

Commenting on the new offering, Bob Kaufman, Founder & CEO of ConnexPay, stated: “The ability to offer payment acceptance in Canadian Dollars brings forth the full benefits of ConnexPay in Canada. By now providing our Canadian clients with lower fees for accepting payments, improved reconciliation, and better customer service, we are offering a valuable solution for their major business transactions.”

Kaufman added: “We are excited to offer a comprehensive solution for the Canadian market, which is home to some of the world’s most vibrant and innovative companies. Now, they can access the same next-generation payments systems as their peers south of the border, including real-time access to funds, a robust suite of payment methods, a chargeback management system, integrated fraud prevention and other features, all within a single platform. We look forward to unlocking new opportunities for our Canadian customers.”

ConnexPay already has customers transacting in CAD, such as GlobeSpan Travel Management. Daniel Moretta, President and Co-Founder of GlobeSpan Travel Management, expressed satisfaction with ConnexPay’s virtual card issuing solution in CAD, stating: “GlobeSpan Travel Management has been very pleased with the level of service we receive and revenue share that we earn from ConnexPay’s virtual card issuing solution in CAD. We look forward to adding ConnexPay’s new CAD merchant acquiring capabilities to our payments flow.”

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About ConnexPay

ConnexPay is the first and only company to bring together the two sides of the payment process — payments acceptance and virtual payments issuing — into a single platform with one contract and one reconciliation. The flexibility of this technology allows clients to adopt the full end-to-end acquiring and issuing solution or leverage ConnexPay’s innovative intelligent routing issuing-only platform.

ConnexPay continues to focus on the travel and tourism space, but ConnexPay’s solutions are applicable across a broad spectrum of corporate payment use cases, including insurance and warranty claims, loyalty and rewards payouts and media/advertising buys.

Founded in 2017, ConnexPay is an industry leader in payments for industries historically viewed as high risk. ConnexPay processed over $10B in payments last year on behalf of hundreds of clients around the world. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.


Liza Amaro

Head of Marketing, ConnexPay

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