E.SUN Makes a Voice for Taiwanese Banking Industry in COP28

TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28) is currently taking place in Dubai, UAE. The conference focuses on issues such as the global stocktake (GST), mechanism for loss and damage, whether countries are proposing more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), and the gradual elimination of fossil fuels. Chairman of E.SUN Financial Holding, Joseph Huang leads E.SUN Sustainability Team to COP28 to gain first-hand insights into the latest international trends and solutions for climate change.

Political leaders, organizations, and advocacy groups gather in the World Climate Summit (WCS). Environmental ministers of many countries attend to express concerns about the negative impacts of climate change on the economy. Chairman Huang is once again invited to deliver a keynote speech on behalf of Taiwan’s financial industry with the topic “How Sustainability is Reshaping Taiwan’s Financial Market”. He shares his view on how the financial industry plays a critical role in the sustainable transformation. The speech receives enthusiastic responses from attendees worldwide.

Huang emphasizes that climate change is a transnational and cross-industry issue. Companies need to do a little more, and go beyond traditional business boundaries. For example, E.SUN Bank has implemented various zero-carbon financial services, from encouraging customers to engage in green consumption, providing green building home loans, to issuing carbon neutral credit cards and installing zero-carbon ATMs. In the future, it will also collect carbon emission information of public transportation to encourage consumers to use public transportation. In corporate banking services, the bank has held ESG Sustainability Initiative three years in-a-row, conducted one-on-one sustainability consultations with over 150 companies, and established a “Sustainable Transformation Platform” in collaboration with 11 cross-industry consultants to provide practical solutions for corporate net-zero transformation. Moreover, E.SUN serves as the rotating chair of the ” Coalition of First-movers for Sustainable Finance” in 2024, promoting collaboration rather than competition and driving the overall net-zero transformation progress of Taiwan’s financial industry.

E.SUN believes that through international, governmental, industrial, and market collective efforts, everyone can contribute climate-friendly actions in their respective fields, which can be merged into a positive force that changes the environment and accelerates the net-zero transition, assisting Taiwan and the world in moving towards the beautiful vision of net-zero by 2050.


Public Relations, E.SUN FHC

Virginia Lin

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