Fantom’s Sonic Breakthrough: A Forward-Thinking Leap in Blockchain: Billionaire Stelian Balta

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Known for his strategic insights and successful investments, Stelian Balta expresses unparalleled enthusiasm for Fantom’s capabilities. Mr. Balta recently shared his perspective on the blockchain landscape, discussing why he believes Fantom is the most undervalued layer-1 project.

As a layer-1 network, Fantom boasts an exceptional 99.5% uptime, a testament to its reliability even amid evolving industry trends. It has the highest scaling ceiling of any blockchain currently. He pinpoints Fantom’s distinctive strength in its innovative approach to accelerators, with the current Sonic Labs program standing out prominently. This initiative, featuring mentorship from seasoned developer Andre Cronje and unparalleled go-to-market support, positions Fantom as a leader in fostering innovation.

Ecosystem Opportunities: Mr. Balta underscores the advantageous position for ecosystem developers on Fantom. It provides an opportunity to earn more than on any other blockchain platform and incorporates gas-monetization, further enhancing its appeal. Anticipating the Sonic stack upgrade scheduled for 2024, he expressed optimism that Fantom is poised to scale significantly, with the potential of handling over 200 million transactions per day. This imminent development, coupled with years of continuous improvements, solidifies Fantom as an established leader in the industry.

Global Acceptance of Bitcoin and its Impact on Nations and Companies: In the conversation, Stelian Balta has fortified his support for Bitcoin ETF and a potential Ethereum ETF predicting that nations may integrate it into their financial strategies. As it gains global recognition and stability, its role as a viable asset for diversified portfolios becomes increasingly apparent. This trend could extend to national governments, using Bitcoin to hedge against traditional financial market volatility and bolster their economic positions. Furthermore, highlighted the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s decision to use Fair Value Accounting for Bitcoin and other digital assets starting from the next fiscal year. This accounting shift is expected to facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset by global companies.

The interview not only decodes the current landscape of blockchain but also spotlights Fantom’s role in shaping the future of blockchain and how it influences the world. Fantom has already emerged as a strong force in the blockchain space, primed with substantial growth.


Dave Barr, [email protected]