HMA Mortgage Works with Calque to Empower Better Bids with The Trade-In Mortgage

—Customers Can Easily Tap Their Current Home Equity to Purchase Their Next Home—

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HMA Mortgage, a 100% referral-based mortgage company, has partnered with Calque to launch The Trade-In Mortgage™ across 20 states. With The Trade-In Mortgage, HMA Mortgage has expanded its turn-key service offerings to empower buyers with yet another way to turn their keys–a new ‘buy before you sell’ program that helps homeowners tap their current home equity to purchase a new home.

As a referral-based business, HMA Mortgage is dedicated to exceptional customer experiences, and The Trade-In Mortgage provides numerous advantages for their borrowers in terms of price and convenience. By accessing the equity in their homes before they sell, HMA Mortgage clients can make non-contingent bids that are more likely to win, move into their new home before their agent starts showing their listing, make a bigger down payment to reduce monthly interest payments and experience peace of mind with a guaranteed backup offer on their sale property.

As a business that meets the real needs of real people, HMA Mortgage is using every tool available to level the playing field for retail buyers who find themselves at a disadvantage compared to investors and larger entities who can make all-cash bids. By working with Calque, HMA Mortgage has integrated a differentiating loan solution that increases their borrowers’ chances of being able to afford the home they want in a market of relatively high interest rates and high home prices. Real estate agents can use non-contingent offers to compete with cash offers and negotiate the price of the new home down. Calque’s guaranteed backup offer makes it easy for HMA Mortgage borrowers to qualify for a loan on the new home without taking on traditional bridge loans or moving out before they sell.

“There’s a reason HMA Mortgage has always been a referral-based business; we do right by our people,” said Robert Fillyaw, Managing Partner at HMA Mortgage. “That means making sure we’re working with realtors, partners, insurance agents and financial planners that we know can help our clients make the best financial choices. Working with Calque is an easy fit. We can give our clients access to their equity before they sell their home to make better bids and experience greater convenience. It’s the rare win/win, and the sort of thing HMA Mortgage prides itself on offering.”

“Working with HMA Mortgage to offer The Trade-In Mortgage is a great fit,” said Dan Mugge, chief operating officer at Calque. “Like HMA Mortgage, we work across the nation to help retail buyers get their dream homes and experience less stress during the process. With home equity reaching record levels in a competitive market, The Trade-In Mortgage fits in well with HMA Mortgage’s streamlined loan services to help retail buyers use their equity to buy with confidence, qualify for their homes, and win bidding wars.”

About HMA Mortgage

HMA Mortgage, an independent mortgage lender headquartered in Pennsylvania since 2005, partners with reputable local and national lending institutions to be able to offer their clients the best services and most competitive rates available. HMA Mortgage is a 100% referral-based company, relying on their well-earned reputation for providing professional, quality service and superior products to generate confidence and referrals from other professionals in affiliated industries and, most importantly, the recommendations from satisfied clients.

As a growing national business, HMA is now licensed in multiple states: Alabama, D.C, Delaware, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

About Calque

Calque partners with established community lenders to offer mortgage lending solutions that make the home purchase process simpler, less stressful, and more cost effective for homeowners. Mortgage products such as The Trade-in Mortgage™ streamline the entire home purchase process from start to finish by enabling consumers to submit non-contingent offers that function like cash offers, buy and move into their new home before selling their current one, use the accrued equity on their existing home to increase their down payment and reduce their monthly payments, prep their original home for sale after they’ve moved out, and stress less during the process.

Calque does not compete with lenders, but only utilizes best-in-class, FDIC-insured banks, credit unions, and mortgage banks in every state across the country. To learn more about Calque, visit


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