Knightsbridge Accelerates Transformation of Asian Digital Markets within the FinTech Enterprise Space with ETT | iByond™ Intelligent Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Knightsbridge, a global leader in business facilitation, proudly announces its strategic partnership with ETT | iByond, aimed at revolutionizing Asia’s digital landscape and fintech solutions for regional and global enterprises. This collaboration signifies Knightsbridge’s unwavering dedication to fostering innovation and driving growth in today’s rapidly evolving business sphere.

Asia’s digital markets are undergoing an unprecedented surge, propelled by escalating internet connectivity, widespread smartphone adoption, and rapid industry digitalization. Recognizing the immense potential within this dynamic region, Knightsbridge is harnessing its extensive network and expertise with its leveraged partnership with iByond to propel into Asia’s burgeoning digital markets.

Christopher Condon, Chairman and CEO of ETT, commented on the partnership, saying, “This collaboration marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing Asia’s digital transformation and fostering innovation at speed and scale within the financial services sector. Together with Knightsbridge, we’re empowering enterprises to thrive in the digital era using intelligent data.”

Knightsbridge’s fintech solutions encompass a diverse array of offerings, spanning digital payment systems, blockchain technology, cybersecurity solutions, and data analytics platforms. Leveraging ETT | iByondcutting-edge technology, profound industry insights, Knightsbridge delivers scalable, bespoke fintech solutions to address specific business challenges and needs. Knightsbridge’s collaboration with ETT | iByond promises to unlock new pathways to success in the digital era.

“Knightsbridge is dedicated to serving as a gateway for businesses seeking to unlock the vast potential of Asia’s digital markets,” stated Issaree Suwunnavid, Managing Director of Knightsbridge Group. “By facilitating access to these dynamic markets and delivering innovative fintech solutions, we empower enterprises to thrive and excel in today’s rapidly evolving business milieu.”

David Chlapowski, President of the Americas and Emerging Markets, added, “This collaboration is a win-win for ETT | iByond, Knightsbridge, and our valued clients. As ETT | iByond, a division of ETT | iByond, provides a platform of platforms for software and infrastructure, and Knightsbridge serves as a platform of platforms for finance, we can deliver solutions that enable speed, inclusivity, and interoperability, creating a powerful synergy for our clients.”

According to the Bangkok Post, “Looking forward to 2024, it is predicted that the Thai economy will expand, supported by the expansion of exports and tourism revenue. We also believe investments are likely to grow due to the continued flow of FDI, especially in our priority sectors.”

About Knightsbridge:

Knightsbridge is a global leader in business facilitation, dedicated to empowering enterprises to navigate today’s complex business landscape and seize opportunities for growth and innovation. With a focus on strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions, Knightsbridge delivers unparalleled value to clients worldwide.

About ETT | iByond:

Enterprise Technology Transformation (ETT) | iByond, is a leading provider of transformative solutions for enterprises, specializing in software, infrastructure, and fintech innovations. iByond empowers businesses to embrace digital transformation and unlock new avenues for growth and success in today’s rapidly evolving business environment connecting humanity through intelligent data. View our policies:,

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