KuCoin Farrukh Kiani Sheds Light on Crypto Adoption and Education at Future Fest

LAHORE, Pakistan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#blockchain–KuCoin, a global top 5 cryptocurrency exchange, took center stage at the Future Fest to discuss the burgeoning crypto adoption in Pakistan and share insights into the roadmap for the industry. The fireside chat, titled “Cracking Crypto: Roadmap for All,” featured Farrukh Kiani, Head of Growth in South Asia at KuCoin, and William Phelps, Investment Director at Adaverse.

The talk delved into the reasons behind Pakistan’s remarkable crypto adoption. According to Chainalysis’s 2023 Global Crypto Adoption Index, Pakistan ranks 8th globally, showcasing its growing prominence in the crypto space. KuCoin’s study revealed significant growth in crypto investments among Pakistani adults, with 17% having invested in crypto, marking a substantial year-over-year increase in 2023. The optimistic outlook among Pakistani investors was evident, with the majority expressing confidence in the future potential of crypto. Motivations for investing included the belief that crypto will enhance transaction convenience, aid in long-term wealth accumulation, and serve as a store of value to safeguard against currency depreciation.

KuCoin’s study also pointed out that 35% of adult crypto users in Pakistan consist of Generation Z, emphasizing the growing appeal of crypto among younger generations. In response, KuCoin introduced KuCoin Campus along with the Campus Ambassador program, showcasing its commitment to connecting with the younger generation. The initiative aims to forge partnerships with educational institutions globally, fostering a future where crypto plays a central role on campuses. A dedicated KuCoin Campus campaign has been launched to kickstart the program.

Apart from education, KuCoin is actively involved in research, incubation, and investment through KuCoin Research, KuCoin Labs, and KuCoin Ventures. Notable investments include initiatives to support the ecosystem and strategic partnerships with innovative projects in blockchain infrastructure like TON and other Bitcoin ecosystem projects. In the fireside chat, KuCoin also shared the company’s experience in funding and incubating blockchain projects, highlighting its commitment to maintaining high standards for project selection. When it comes to selection criteria, KuCoin emphasizes the importance of creating long-term value, addressing real-world problems, and offering practical use cases. User benefits, market dynamics, and societal are all part of the considerations when developing blockchain solutions.

Farrukh Kiani, Head of Growth in South Asia at KuCoin, shared his insights during the fireside chat and emphasized the significance of the crypto landscape in Pakistan. He stated, “Pakistan’s impressive climb in global crypto adoption reflects a growing recognition of the transformative potential within our community. At KuCoin, we are committed to fostering this momentum, ensuring that our initiatives, such as the KuCoin Campus program, empower the younger generation to actively engage in the crypto space. It’s not just about investments; it’s about building a future where blockchain technology is seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives, creating a more inclusive and accessible financial landscape for all.”

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