NexaQ Announces Premium Partnership with Planview to Transform Digital Business Across USA & APAC Regions

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#media–NexaQ, a young Digital First company specialized in IT and engineering solutions, is thrilled to announce its preferred partnership with Planview, a global leader in Portfolio Management and Enterprise Agile Planning. This strategic alliance will focus on the USA and APAC regions, providing end-to-end Planview implementations and spearheading digital transformations.

A Milestone Partnership for Digital Transformation:

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in NexaQ’s continuous commitment to innovation and digital excellence. By joining forces with Planview, NexaQ will strengthen its ability to serve clients across USA & APAC regions, offering unparalleled solutions in Value Stream Management, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Quality Engineering.

“Our partnership with Planview as a premium solution partner will enable us to serve partners across USA & APAC regions for end-to-end Planview implementations and transform their business digitally,” said Srikanth Kasula, VP and Client partner at NexaQ.

Enhancing Value Stream Management Capabilities

As an exclusive premium solution partner for Planview, NexaQ will leverage its deep expertise in PPM, Data Analytics, and Quality Engineering to help organizations build better software faster. This partnership will enhance NexaQ’s offerings in Value Stream Management, enabling companies to increase efficiency, reduce technical debt, and overcome digital disruption challenges.

Expanding Reach and Impact

With a focus on the USA and APAC regions, NexaQ aims to extend its impact and reach, providing tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of businesses in these markets. This partnership exemplifies NexaQ’s mission to empower businesses to accelerate software delivery and unlock their full digital potential.

Join the Future of Digital Transformation

NexaQ invites businesses, technology leaders, and innovators to explore this groundbreaking partnership and be part of the next wave of digital transformation. With NexaQ and Planview working hand-in-hand, the future of digital business looks brighter than ever.

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About NexaQ

NexaQ is a Digital First company focusing on innovative IT and engineering solutions for digital transformations. Specializing in PPM, Data Analytics, Quality Engineering, and an exclusive premium solution partner for end-to-end Planview implementations, NexaQ empowers businesses to thrive in today’s digital world. With over 150 projects completed, NexaQ is a trusted partner for building, delivering, and evolving software that drives rapid innovation. Learn more at



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