OneRange selected to participate in global AWS Education Accelerator

OneRange will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions to unite cutting-edge AI/ML technology with best-in-class data to drive more effective and efficient employee learning outcomes

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#aws–OneRange today announced it has been selected to participate in the global AWS Education Accelerator, a 10-week immersive experience for global EdTech startups that want to accelerate their go-to-market activities in the United States for the PK-12, higher education, and workforce education markets.

OneRange is one of 15 EdTech startups selected to participate in the technical, business, and mentorship program, which is designed for startups seeking to use cloud technology to improve data driven education. This opportunity will support OneRange’s efforts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of employee learning outcomes.

Participating startups receive a package of benefits, including up to $100,000 in AWS computing credits. They’ll also receive individualized business and technical mentorship which will cover topics such as funding, scaling, go-to-market support, AWS technical fundamentals, AI/ML adoption, and much more. At the end of the 10 weeks, the cohort will participate in a virtual pitch event in collaboration with OMNIA Partners, an experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement.

OneRange’s innovative open marketplace model ensures companies only pay for the content their workforce needs. Collaborating with AWS, OneRange aims to advance its platform’s intelligence by automating skills tagging, enhancing the AI-powered content recommendation engine, and creating personalized career pathways for users.

“We believe the best way to solve the skills gap in the workforce is through an intelligent, open-ecosystem of learning providers that not only has the ability to categorize global resources—such as courses, conferences, books, and more—but also leverages technology to make those resources more relevant to what people need, when they need it,” said Houtan Fanisalek, OneRange Co-Founder & CTO. “Collaborating with AWS provides us access to cutting edge technology, including the most advanced AI/ML tools, so we can better leverage this data to benefit companies, their employees, and learning content providers alike.”

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OneRange, a groundbreaking open marketplace for employee upskilling, utilizes best-in-class data & intelligence to match each employee with personalized learning resources. The solution, created by serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in engineering, advanced machine learning applications, and military intelligence, is designed to drive effective and efficient learning within corporations through a pay-as-you-go model.

OneRange was recently named in the top 150 fastest growing veteran-founder companies by Context Ventures, and is backed by Hivers & Strivers, an early-stage fund investing in veteran-led companies.

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