Webcash Global Co., Ltd. and Shinhan Vietnam Bank Sign MOU to Promote Global B2B Fintech Service Business Cooperation

  • Linkage of Webcash Global B2B Fintech services and Shinhan Vietnam Bank API to Increase work efficiency of Vietnamese companies
  • Elevating mutual cooperation to advance Vietnam’s financial infrastructure: Promoting shared growth within the Vietnamese market

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BankAPI–Webcash Global Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Sil-Kwon) announced that it has signed a business agreement with Shinhan Vietnam Bank (CEO Kang Gyu-Won), and Webcash Vietnam (CEO Wang Moon-Chan) to jointly promote the global B2B Fintech service business.

The agreement ceremony was held at the Webcash Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh with the attendance of key officials including Lee Sil-Kwon, CEO of Webcash Global Co., Ltd., Kang Gyu-Won, CEO of Shinhan Vietnam Bank, and Wang Moon-Chan, CEO of Webcash Vietnam.

Through this business agreement, the two companies plan to link Shinhan Vietnam Bank’s API with expense management service WABOOKS, billing service specialized for large amount of transactions WeBill365, and integrated bank account service for Vietnam WeMBA.

Webcash Global plans to use Shinhan Vietnam Bank’s API, and through this, Vietnamese companies are expecting to manage business funds more conveniently and efficiently.

Shinhan Vietnam Bank is expecting an increase in banking platform users due to the increase in Webcash Global customers. To revitalize the affiliated business in the future, Webcash Global is also planning to launch bank-specific B2B Fintech services such as ‘WABOOKS with Shinhan Bank’ and ‘WeBill365 with Shinhan Bank.’

WABOOKS plans to join hands with Shinhan Vietnam Bank to introduce the new features such as bulk transfers to make easier salary transfers, real-time notifications of deposit/withdrawal, and efficient billing process to numerous customers through virtual accounts.

Kang Gyu-Won, CEO of Shinhan Vietnam Bank said, “We expect that the combination of Shinhan Vietnam Bank’s API and Webcash Global’s B2B Fintech services will create a new synergy in the Vietnamese market.” He added, “We will continue to work closely with Webcash Global to create better services for the Vietnamese financial market. We will provide value.”

Lee Sil-Kwon, CEO of Webcash Global, said, “Webcash Global plans to provide differentiated services to Vietnamese companies and advance Vietnamese financial infrastructure through partnership with Shinhan Vietnam Bank,” and added, “Through active cooperation between the two companies, we will establish a firm position in the Vietnamese market. We will do our best to solidify and grow together.”

Webcash Global Co. Ltd. is a company in charge of the global business of Webcash Group, a B2B Fintech & SaaS specialized company. Currently, Webcash Global is providing B2B Fintech services to Asian markets such as Vietnam and Cambodia, including expense management service WABOOKS, billing service specialized for large amount of transactions WeBill365, integrated Vietnamese bank account service for Vietnam WeMBA.

In addition, Webcash Global Co. Ltd. is achieving visible results in the SaaS service market by introducing ‘morningmate’, a global version of the collaboration tool ‘Flow’, in the Americas, Europe (centered on the UK), and South American markets (centered on Mexico).

Since 2013, Webcash Group has established the ‘HRD (Human Resources Development) Center’ in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and has been training about 60 software development experts every year. Some of the graduates are developing Webcash Group services at ‘Webcash KOSIGN’, a local business corporation in Cambodia, and are performing their roles as R&D center experts. In 2022, the company established Webcash Vietnam and is working to enter the Southeast Asian market together with Cambodia.


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