Portugal vs Australia - Country Comparison

Full Country Comparison, between Portugal and Australia.

Please note that comparing the economic indicators of two different countries can be misleading at times. This is because these nations often begin with varying economic conditions and possibly have different central bank reference rates.

These disparities can significantly impact how their economies perform, making direct comparisons less meaningful.

It's important to consider the unique context of each country when assessing economic data.

Table of contents

Government Bonds Comparison

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Credit Rating comparison

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Rating Agency Rating Outlook Rating Outlook
Standard & Poor's A- positive AAA -
Moody's Investors Service A3 - Aaa -
Fitch Ratings A- - AAA -

Interest Rate comparison

Interest Rates Portugal Australia
Central Bank Rate 0.00% 0.10%

CDS comparison

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Credit Default Swap Portugal Australia
5 Years CDS 33.21 13.14

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