Latest news about Central Bank Rates and Credit Ratings variations, for world countries.

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Central Bank Rates Variations

Jan 22 - South Korea: Central Bank raised interest rate to 1.25% (+0.25)

Jan 22 - Argentina: Central Bank raised interest rate to 40% (+2.00)

Dec 21 - Singapore: Central Bank raised interest rate to 0.31% (+0.20)

Dec 21 - China: Central Bank cut interest rate to 3.8% (-0.05)

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Credit Ratings Variations

Jan 22 - Greece: Fitch Ratings confirmed rating BB and upgraded outlook to positive. Previous credit rating was BB.

Jan 22 - Ireland: DBRS upgraded rating to AA (low). Previous credit rating was A (high) with positive outlook.

Jan 22 - Sri Lanka: Standard & Poor's downgraded rating to CCC with negative outlook. Previous credit rating was CCC+ with negative outlook.

Dec 21 - Sri Lanka: Fitch Ratings downgraded rating to CC. Previous credit rating was CCC.

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