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Symbol means a negative outlook.

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  Country S&P Moody's Fitch DBRS
Argentina SD Ca RD SD
Australia AAA Aaa AAA AAA
Austria AA+ Aa1 AA+ AAA
Bahrain B+ B2 BB- -
Bangladesh BB- Ba3 BB- -
Belgium AA Aa3 AA- AA (high)
Botswana BBB+ A2 - -
Brazil BB- Ba2 BB- BB (low)
Bulgaria BBB Baa2 BBB -
Canada AAA Aaa AA+ AAA
Chile A+ A1 A N/A
China A+ A1 A+ A (high)
Colombia BBB- Baa2 BBB- BBB
Croatia BBB- Ba2 BBB- -
Cyprus BBB- Ba2 BBB- BBB (low)
Czech Republic AA- Aa3 AA- -
Denmark AAA Aaa AAA AAA
Egypt B B2 B+ -
Finland AA+ Aa1 AA+ AA (high)
France AA Aa2 AA AAA
Germany AAA Aaa AAA AAA
Greece BB- B1 BB BB (low)
Hong Kong AA+ Aa3 AA- -
Hungary BBB Baa3 BBB -
Iceland A A2 A -
India BBB- Baa3 BBB- BBB
Indonesia BBB Baa2 BBB -
Ireland AA- A2 A+ A (high)
Israel AA- A1 A+ -
Italy BBB Baa3 BBB- BBB (high)
Japan A+ A1 A A (high)
Jordan B+ B1 BB- -
Kenya B+ B2 B+ -
Latvia A+ A3 A- A (low)
Lithuania A+ A3 A A
Malaysia A- A3 A- -
Malta A- A2 A+ A (high)
Mauritius - Baa1 - -
Mexico BBB Baa1 BBB- BBB
Morocco BBB- Ba1 BBB- -
Namibia - Ba2 BB -
Netherlands AAA Aaa AAA AAA
New Zealand AA Aaa AA -
Nigeria B- B2 B -
Norway AAA Aaa AAA AAA
Pakistan B- B3 B- -
Perù BBB+ A3 BBB+ N/A
Philippines BBB+ Baa2 BBB -
Poland A- A2 A- A
Portugal BBB Baa3 BBB BBB (high)
Qatar AA- Aa3 AA- -
Romania BBB- Baa3 BBB- -
Russia BBB- Baa3 BBB -
Serbia BB+ Ba3 BB+ -
Singapore AAA Aaa AAA AAA
Slovakia A+ A2 A A (high)
Slovenia AA- Baa1 A A (high)
South Africa BB- Ba1 BB -
South Korea AA Aa2 AA- -
Spain A Baa1 A- A
Sri Lanka B- B2 B- -
Sweden AAA Aaa AAA AAA
Switzerland AAA Aaa AAA AAA
Taiwan AA- Aa3 AA- -
Thailand BBB+ Baa1 BBB+ -
Turkey B+ B1 BB- BB (high)
Uganda B B2 B+ -
Ukraine B B3 B -
United Kingdom AA Aa2 AA- AAA
United States AA+ Aaa AAA AAA
Venezuela SD WR RD -
Vietnam BB Ba3 BB -
Zambia CCC Ca CC -

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