10 Year Treasury Yield

The 10 Year Treasury Note Yield is the yield offered by the United States Government Bond with a residual duration of 10 years.

Talking about Government debt, the 10 years bond yield is very important because it’s considered a measure of the economic health of a country.

For this reason, the 10 Year Treasure Note Yield reveals how is market sentiment about the US economy.

Since the United States are considered one of the less risky countries, the 10 Year Treasury Note Yield is a variable that investors from all over the world consider with high attention.

A psychological threshold of the yield is 3%.

When the 10 year T-Note yield exceeds 3%, it’s possible that most investors decide to leave stocks market, buying US Debt instead.

It’s a kind of a flight to quality process: investors assume that a 3% return without risk it’s a good opportunity to take.

Here you can find the US Government Bonds updated yields:

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